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joyfulthought 11 months ago

ouu we have similar taste in books!!! have u seen the trailer for the eileen movie they are making??

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cabbagesorter 11 months ago

omg i didn't know!! thomasin mckenzie as eileen.. i hope shell do a good job!!

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alcedonia 11 months ago

ahhh i'm so glad you liked stoner!! it was one of my favorite books last year and i was surprised by how much i ended up liking it! 100% agree with you in regards to stoner, edith, and grace. you articulated your thoughts really well!

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cabbagesorter 11 months ago

I was surprised by it as well honestly, and I have to agree with you on williams writing beautiful but concise prose... I love when writers are able to get to the point quickly without making their prose drab and dry it's really a crazy skill to have lol

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readingproject 11 months ago

I read Stoner many years ago, long before our website, but I remember thinking it was good. I reviewed a very different novel by Williams in 2018 - Augustus - based on Emperor Augustus of the Roman Empire. It is also worth a look. Good review!

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cabbagesorter 11 months ago

Oh I might check it out, I want to read another book of his first though, butchers crossing. And thanks!!

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