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Nice website! I had a lot of fun reading through your book reviews :D As an aside, I played Devil Maker a lot back before it closed down but had forgotten the name, and I'm so happy seeing it on your page reminded me!
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alcedonia 4 days ago

Thank you! :D Hurray, another Devil Maker player! I stopped playing it after a while but I wish I went back before it shut down. I feel so nostalgic thinking back on it!

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1 week ago
22yk01 1 week ago

So lovely.. ( ˘ω˘ )

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alcedonia 1 week ago

(until i can update my credits page, the flower girl image is from an app called purrfect tale, the sticky notes from, plaid from foollovers. trying to find a source on the flower landscape but all i'm getting is pinterest. ._. still searching...)

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cabbagesorter 1 week ago

Wow this is adorable... Makes me want spring and summer asap!!

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3 weeks ago
nekonokuni 3 weeks ago

I couldn't agree more about feeling that I have wasted my 20s because of the covid thing, but it's ok to complain, I complain about it a lot lol Especially with people that said "we'll deal with the economy later", my country was already in recession since 2008, gradually getting worse but after the pandemic it got 10x worse.

nekonokuni 3 weeks ago

But on the bright side, remote work is a thing now (I never heard of working remotely in my country before, only on TV and now is common). On the downside some companies are trying to either remove remote work completely or having hybrid work (which is one of the worse inventions ever).

pompom-purin 3 weeks ago

I so feel you on the being a lurker and self-censoring. I hope you're able to find a way to curate the content on your site so that's all of what makes you the happiest in the way that feels best for you! I'll look forward to it ^^ Either way, it's nice to see you active again!

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2 months ago
alcedonia 2 months ago

(finally updated my buttons page. hope i didn't miss anyone... also i *slightly* changed my button. if you have it posted, feel free to update it. or not, i don't really care lol)

Thanks for following! I love your touhou doodles
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Thanks for following! Your Hobonichis are so cute! I hope you like the Jibun Techo. I've stuck with the Hobonichi Cousin for years, so I'm curious to see how you like it! :)
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petdiary 5 months ago

Thank you!! I am so excited to start using it! :-D I'm so devoted to the Hobonichi though, I can't see myself ever straying too long lol

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5 months ago
nekonokuni 5 months ago

I also used to think that 25 was old lol but that was when I was 15 so I think that is understandable if you are really young to think that because you don't know how it really is until you experience yourself.

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alcedonia 5 months ago

Yeah I agree, I was definitely the same! I thought 20-something year olds were sooo mature lmao. It's the people in the 18-21 age range that I side eye. I'm not quite sure what they're expecting once they hit their mid-20s in a few years.

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