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currently still working on some halloween stuff, Idk If I can make my whole site spooky, but I'll at least try to make my index, landing, and homepage look spooky cool enough oof
brainunits 8 months ago

Wishing you luck!

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blissnet 8 months ago

Added Pinku Kingdom and Green Frog site buttons to the links page

cool soft serve ice cream pixels, cant wait to see more of your stuff
pastelhell 8 months ago

Thank you so much! I've been trying to make new stuff every day. Hopefully more to come soon :)

your site is so cute, I really love the bunny filter on your icon, I'm gonna add your site button to my site
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Happy Earth--- I mean birthday! hope its a banger!
empeethree 8 months ago

this computer is beautiful! I love how the art was worked on to tie into the Barbie-like atmosphere of the visuals.

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blissnet 8 months ago

@empeethree thank you! that's exactly the vibe I was going for!

I'm gonna try to make my site look more festive for spooky season this year, still want to work on the cursor thing, but that will go in hand with the Halloween make over hopefully
blissnet 8 months ago

I'm also gonna try to take part in the yesterweb trick or treat event of I can,if I can't make the deadline then I'll try for Halloween

someone in my guestbook just asked about the cursors on my page, I'm going to try to change that within the week (if I can), also I might fix the code on some pages since its really messy and its just bothering me since I finally understand the purpose of external css and js files oof.
I found your site through the pot you made in Key's webgarden, and oh goodness I love your site so much. It's so bright and pink and comfy <333
blissnet 9 months ago

Thanks, I'm glad my site could brighten your day!

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