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I'll be adding your button to my cool coders sections of my site, btw (if that's cool with you))
Hey, I browsed your site while waiting for adobe to update, I used the love broswing the old nick and hello kitty site, I never went on the fourm (cuz I was too scared to talk to strangers back then but I remember the old hello kitty mmo that was so cool (when it worked, lol). Congrats on graduating college, cant wait to see what cool stuff you're going to add to your site
blissnet 4 days ago

I also loved the persona series too, I watched my brother play all the games, and now I'm trying to paly them myself but I'm working backwards lol. I havent really had to time to sit down in play for a while but I have P5R for PS4 and P4G on steam, I think my brother's copy of P3 is around somewhere but I cant find it atm, which is one of the reasons why I'm working backwards. Anyways cool to see another persona fan

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