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not sure who is still reading updates for this site, but i'm so sorry about the lack of updates! i got a job a while back and it eats up most of my free time :') definitely didn't forget about y'all though! hope everyone is doing well and i miss you guys!
Hello! It's Casey from Goodwill! I sent your site to all my e-boomer friends and they all LOVE it.
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1999x 1 year ago

hey so sorry for my late reply!! it was my birthday week and i was away for a while!! i'm so happy that y'all liked it 🥺 tysm!!

to my friends who run kpop sites (and anyone else who may be interested), i've started a tumblr for showcasing fandom relics (90s-2012ish),check it out!
1999x 1 year ago

and this is my actual kpop blog if you wanna follow it as well: my main one (choreogrphy is my second one, yeah ik i have too many blogs already xD) is here

hey guys i just remade my tumblr and made a spacehey! my tumblr: & my spacehey:
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1999x 1 year ago

autoplay warning on my spacehey btw!

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