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Remember when I let people yell at me for using sayclubs? Good times. Thinking of reuploading all of my tamagotchi stuff, but I don't have the documents anymore so I have to remake all of the files for the downloads. We will see.....
just letting you all know that i am aware that all of the links on this current website are broken. i did that on purpose right now bc i don't want ppl to access it lol
i've been working on my other website... check it out guys!
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im working on another graphics site! non-tama. it will have icons, blinkies, CARTOON DOLLS, etc!!!!!
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melodicake 4 years ago

omggg i cant wait to see it!!!

i didnt realize there was a social aspect to neocities omg :o
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your page is super cute (✿ ♥‿♥)
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fluffypinkclouds 4 years ago

thank u sm! :D

hoooooly shit how have i never seen ur site before??????? this is easily one of my fave designs on neocities, its so nostalgic!!!!!! i love this so much omg
melodicake 4 years ago

im not a tamagotchi player or anything but ahhh i love reading abt it from here

shellytchi 4 years ago

AAA thank you!! my site rn is really giving me those 2000s vibes, i love it! i always wanted a site that looked like that!

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