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I'm way behind adding people and updating my site (I've actually planned ANOTHER complete overhaul!), only really post random shit on mastodon blah why do people put up a front on social media btw? There's no escape from it. Just. Be. YoursELLF. Like my site is cute but I'm a really opinionated person so I wonder if that comes across in my thought writings
vencake 11 hours ago

oh yeah and I made a dnd site for my friends so that ate time oops

Been really behind adding and amending this site but been suuuper busy. Portfolio time for my design class and doing d&d has kept me tied :>>>
enflicted 3 weeks ago

D&D! i haven't played in ages, i miss it. lol

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vencake 2 weeks ago

get back into it! roll20 is a good way if you don't have irl people

I will buurnnn myyy dreaaaaaaaaaad
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vencake 3 weeks ago

(ps please keep up with the smt demon ratings!)

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drawcia 3 weeks ago

the demon ratings will continue! i still got most of the smt games left ^^

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vencake 3 weeks ago

yay your commentry is so amusinglmao. My favourite one is "Would snowboard on that forehead"

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