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haii, love your site (>v<) !! been my fav site since i started :D . i wanna ask if the audio behind ur main page has a title , rlly love the silly song & im hoping to find it to listen to it hehe >w>
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swirl 5 days ago

thxthx thats so nice of u ^_^ i would tell you the name of the song howver i found it on an old archived geocities site and took ot from there so i dont know its origins so sorry!! i wish i couldve helped :(

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lovelyclovers 3 days ago

ahh i see , nws ! :D

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this is so cute and i love the recipe book aa !! ♪(´▽`)
cocopie 5 days ago

AWE tysm your page is the cutest!!! ٩(。•́‿•̀。)۶

added a music category on my profile page!! i think its a bit long but il figure out a way to make it look better
Your site is damn nice. Do you use a system for inserting new entries in the blog section, or do you do it manually by adding new paragraphs to the top?
swirl 1 week ago

i do it manually! however i did get inspired by fc2 blogs which has a whole system put up so you should check it out if you're looking for that! ^_^

Your site makes my computer laggy af but OH BOY IS IT WORTH IT
I love your site! I hope we get some updates soon :3
swirl 2 weeks ago

thank you for your kindess ♡ hopefully i'll be updating soon! ^_^

love this site so much <3
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loneliwish 3 weeks ago

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

Thank you for the follow! Your site was one of the first I ran across when I discovered Neocities and I absolutely adore it.
swirl 3 weeks ago

thank you so much !! i like ur site and cant wait to see mire ^_^

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just wanted to say thank you for sharing your site on tumblr. you are actually the reason I discovered neocities in the first place!! your site and neocities has brought me so much joy! thank your for sharing your creativity with the world and inspiring ppl like me :'3 hope u have a good weekend
swirl 1 month ago

aa thank you sm! this actually means a lot <3

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