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thanks for the follow! Cant wait to see what is brewing in the future!~<3
Thanks for the follow
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blissnet 3 months ago

Added Modal Gallery, Newer Art (Mostly Trigun and Genshin Impact), and Better Captions! Big thanks to FLamed and others wise homies in the 32 bit cafe discord! You are real ones!

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Also, if anyone's going be apart of Art Fight this year, feel free to hit me up, yo!:
I finally got my new gallery temp together, so I'll try to put the gallery page tomorrow
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Yoo, puddle! I can't believe you're on, neocities! I've been watching your stuff forEVER! I remember when you used to make animation memes, and I really loved nvrlyalone its one of my fave projects of yours! I hope your still workin' on graveyard shift (or was it called nightshift) and your Christmas project!
blissnet 4 months ago

Apology for typos I was just excited (*☉౪ ⊙。)ノ lul

itpuddle 4 months ago

AAAAAAAA THANK U SO MUCH!!! 😭 THIS MADE ME EMOTIONAL LMAO - I'm still workin on GS!! It got picked up by a studio which later dropped its animation department 😢 I got the rights back so I'm starting over on it all by myself lololol

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Whoa, I got alot of followers recently, thanks for the follow everyone!
Also thank you everyone for still vibin with me during my haitus, it means alot to mean that peeps still care
FINALLY cleaned up some things and moved some stuff around, re did the nav, still need to tie up some loose ends

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