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Hi I love your site!! As a beginning coder I really admire your dedication and the style you've created c:
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pixelglade 1 month ago

Aw thank you so much! I like your design so far, the colour scheme makes me think of a cutesy pastry shop or cupcakes.

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Hello ~ Thank you for the follow!
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Hey there, I (finally) saw your reply on my comment- I won't go missing XD
heckmaster 1 month ago

Basically I just put all my projects under one domain, I've been more motivated this way weirdly enough!

pixelglade 1 month ago

Oh cool, whatever helps!

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Love the aesthetic and vibe of your site (we may have a few things in common, hehe).
New blog post featuring some fantasy cover art from the 1980s-1990s. There will be more! Check out some awesome artwork:
rainmirage 1 month ago

the cover for skybowl is so striking!!

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pixelglade 1 month ago

It is, out of the three Melanie Rawn book covers in the post, I think SkyBowl and Star Scroll are my favorites.

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