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Thanks for the follow, and the link! I linked back. :D
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bmh 8 months ago

Oh! Your page of links wasn't loading for me at first (a typical Neocities glitch for me), so that's why I ended up making a button for you. Let me know if you'd prefer me to change it to one of yours!

keysklubhouse 8 months ago

I love the look of the button you made; it suits my site's feel very well. Unfortunately, you probably *should* use one of the ones I already have, because I didn't make that sunset gif and it's not even one whose creator has been lost to time. I have permission from the artist to use it on my site, but not permission to transform/edit it in any way. ^^;

bmh 8 months ago

Done! :-)

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So uh, I really like making buttons and I've gotten into making them for people, and I made one for you... if you like it, lol. I wasn't sure what kind of font to use (and I can still change it if you like) but I settled on this one.
bmh 8 months ago

Hi there Key, I like making buttons too ;-)

missmoss 8 months ago

Oh. My. Gosh. I seriously love this thing, like a LOT. Thank you so much! I'll start using it immediately!

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keysklubhouse 8 months ago

Oh good, I'm so glad you like it! :D

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Well hello! Thanks for the follow and the link! Love the site. (And your 'not found' page is great lmao.)
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karasuchan 8 months ago

Thanks for the link and following back! And thanks lol, I just got around to customizing it. *lazy*

Your site is super cute! I love your art, and man I want a rocket-shaped lava lamp, lol. Cool stuff. :D
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liyashi 8 months ago

Woah thank you so much! Oh yeah lava lamps are so cool but I don't think I've ever seen one in real life :o

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