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strangecrust 4 months ago

ERM3 is coming soon! promise

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dann 4 months ago

Awesome, look forward to it.

holeinmyheart 4 months ago

"At Athens the first eight days of every month were marked by specified demonstrations of the citizens’ piety toward the deities of the city-state’s official cults. The third day of each month, for example, was celebrated as Athena’s birthday and the sixth as that of Artemis, the god- dess of wild animals, who was also the special patroness of the Athenian Council of Five Hundred."

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holeinmyheart 4 months ago

"Artemis’s brother, Apollo, was honored on the following day. Athens boasted of having the largest number of religious festivals in all of Greece, with nearly half the days of the year featuring one, some large and some small. Not everyone attended all the festivals, and hired laborers’ contracts stated how many days off they received to attend religious ceremonies."

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dann 3 months ago

Interesting. Thank you

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