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nekonokuni 1 month ago

I didn't watch Sousou no Frieren nor I plan to but I agree that the character design is terrible, I saw people comparing this anime to Kusuriya no Hitorigoto on mal and saying that the elf girl is cuter than Maomao, but she is just generic loli? (I haven't thought before that the reason was bc of otakus with weird loli fetishes LOL). Also her face is so round, so round it's almost looks like the moon, why?

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nekonokuni 1 month ago

I also agree with not liking this short elf trend, because I like seeing tall girls in media which is rare in anime but elfs are supposed to be tall. Though not ridiculous tall Deedlit and Pirotess from Lodoss have a better design. Btw I may be biased bc I love Kusuriya, and the way I found this anime was comparing the two FL, but I think that anyway the elf girl is ugly and weird, Maomao is prettier.

cabbagesorter 1 month ago

yeah kusuriya has better looking characters for sure. I think the frieren mangaka draws the faces better though, they don't look as round. and yea lodoss is great when it comes to elves, not perfect with the height but still very pretty elf portrayal.

cabbagesorter 1 month ago

and true, maomao is adorable! i do have some complaints about her freckles, she totally shouldve just had them naturally... i hate this fear of portraying female protags with traits that are considered ugly in their respective settings

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