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freckleskies 6 months ago

wow yeah never heard of dolphins either and i used to be pretty into a couple gachas some fourish years ago

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cabbagesorter 6 months ago

right? now there's dolphins, and minnows too apparently.. i feel like im out of the loop (and for the better, tbh)

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freckleskies 6 months ago

never heard of minnows either lol, way i see it we're just celebrating out of touch thursday as god intended

vashti 6 months ago

Maybe this is weird to say, but part of why I like your entries is because most of the time, I have no clue what you're talking about, like the gacha games & stuff. I guess what I mean is that what you write is interesting to me because our lives don't have a lot of overlap :p

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cabbagesorter 6 months ago

Heheh your comment made me smile, I'm glad you enjoy my chaotic rants that may or may not be incomprehensible to you 😭

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