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hello, I noticed you added my button on your site. thank you <3 I'll add yours on mine too ^^
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rhinedottir 3 days ago

of course! i love your site!

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LittleCloud was updated.
1 week ago
Amei teu site e amei que você vai estudar psico! Espero muito que goste do curso ♡
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littlecloud 1 week ago

Obrigada! Eu também amei o teu site! <3 Acho que vou gostar, estou animada pra começar ^^

I see you linked my site, thanks!! I think you are the first <3 Of course I'll link yours too, it's super cute!! <3
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lexiq 1 month ago

I did!! love ur site ^^ and thanks <3 (I don't have a button tho :c)

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littlecloud 1 month ago

I linked even without button. I hope you don't mind. If you make one, you can message me to uptade. ♡ ps: I'm glad I found cute neocities buttons on your site :D

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lexiq 1 month ago

thank u!!!

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