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Hi, It's me again! Was inspecting column-left to check if getting rid of width in .column-left will help. And yeah, getting rid of width sets up columns properly :)
kprg 1 month ago

Also little pro tip from me: you can inspect your website by clicking right click > inspect

Hi! Saw your about me page and was interesting why is single column was so big and how it can be fixed (don't worry, I'm not trying to shame or make laugh at you. I just want to help). *Ahem*... Anyway, for what I see you can quite easily fix the problem with single column. All you need to do is changing width from actual one (1100px) to 500px. That way it should be centered with navigation and also with the name
kprg 1 month ago

Also remember to change width for candle because when you change width of the column, the candles doesn't scale up with column. Hoping that my help was actually helpful for you :)

nelscafe 1 month ago

No worries! I forgot i already had a width percentage set so i fixed that and changed a couple other things so i think thats all centered now. thanks for the help ^^

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