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Such a wonderful site, I'm excited to see what you'll do with it in the future!
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Hey y'all, it's been a moment! I've been super busy with a lot of things lately, but I've also gotten some site awards and some really lovely comments, thank you all so much for the support <3 I've been doing a lot of art and tbh, idk where this site is going but I might lean into more conceptual stuff in the future
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vibing with what you've got her already -- can't wait to see how it grows [hail Hekate]
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hey y'all sorry i haven't updated in a while, i've been super busy but I'm planning on taking some time within the next few days to update and get some new stuff i've been working on up and on the site! :3c hope you have a nice friday
massive overhaul today, including a chatbox!
liminal-librarian 2 years ago

The garden page is lovely!

wastelandimperiatrix 2 years ago

thank you so much!

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oh my gosh I hit 41 followers ;A; thank you all so much, you're all wonderful <3

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