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i swear i'm not dead i've just been really swamped with other things orz i'll come back to updating soon
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hmmm my embedded rss feed in the updates section stopped working. gotta figure out how to fix it... ugh
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mayfrogs 2 months ago

oh its working again now and i didnt even do anything. weird but alright

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oh shit 100k views! cool :]
Mayfrogs was updated.
3 months ago
elegy64 3 months ago

Your art is awesome!! Thank you for sharing!

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mayfrogs 3 months ago

@elegy64 thank you!! <33

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speaking of my tarot deck collection, i recently managed to nab one of my white whale tarot decks (a very rare and out of print one!) off ebay for the lowest price i've ever seen it! it'll take a while to get here (it's coming from halfway across the world) but i'm excited to add it to my tarot decks page once it does :3
starting to put together some pages to showcase my collections of things... its a work in progress but i've got a page for plushies done so far!
ayo psa i am trans and gay so if ur homophobic or transphobic i don't want you here, and you should unfollow/block me. thanks <3
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