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All gifypets will now wear Santa hats to show their holiday spirit ;D (You may need to clear cache)
How did I not know about this site until now? Wonderful work.
melonking 4 years ago

Thanks exo, your 2600 collection is something to behold.

exosilver 4 years ago

After I'm finished exams, I'll be going home for vacation, but when I return in a few weeks, I plan on overhauling my collection pages. There will be much more to behold in about three weeks!

exosilver 4 years ago

My goal is to have no pages "under construction" by Jan 13, my site's anniversary.

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Hi everyone, just fixed an index error on ! If your site was not showing up check back over the next few days and it should be sorted. ANNddd if you're not on the network yet, ADD YOUR SITE TODAY
undoified 4 years ago

I submitted my site. :-)

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Your hit counter is exactly what I need. Any consideration for it to output a png instead of jpg? The compression artifact hits hard on the text lacking anti-aliasing.
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melonking 4 years ago

Glad you like it! I just tested jpeg, png, bmp and gif output and I can see no visual difference. I did notice a big reduction in file size though, so the system now outputs gif! Thanks for pointing that out ;3

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