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Ooh, new site! I like it already, the placeholder page is neat. :D
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Hello! I love your site design. Imma add you to my links page. Also, would you like to trade SITE-ID cards? o3o
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beanbottles 1 year ago

omg yeah sure let's trade! i love your site too,,, so colourful and pwetty,,, about time i added your button to my links page too akfajkls

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keysklubhouse 1 year ago

Awesome! Here's my card in case it was too hard to find (I honestly don't know if my menu is confusing or not lol) And thank you so much! I'll move your button to my mutuals, too. :D

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Aw you've got my Arizona Tea button on your site! I have to admit it's fun to see those spread around. :3 Would you like to trade Site-ID cards? o3o
mystsaphyr 1 year ago

Whoa you found that quick haha, I love it tbh! Would you like me to make it link back to you? And sure, let's swap site-id!

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keysklubhouse 1 year ago

I'm glad you do! And only if you want to. And Awesome! Here's the link to mine; I know where yours is. :D

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