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Hey, if you've never seen this site before, you should check out the site Room With A Moose; it's gone now but it was a big site back in the earlier days of the Zim fandom and there's a pretty complete backup of the site on the Wayback Machine. They've got some neat stuff. :D .
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toxoplasicity 1 year ago

i believe ppl on mai forum were scouring the site, but i myself have not and had forgotten that it (used....) to exist!!!! ill definitely be scouring this for ... eeh... STUFF... thanx!!!!!

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Fun site; I love your McDonald's theme. :D And hey, another sticker album-haver! I'm so glad that's spreading, it's such a fun idea. Thanks for the links to my site, too. I'm linking back under mutuals!
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keysklubhouse 1 year ago

Oml I just saw your site tags, ahahaha I love it.

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weedpizza 1 year ago

Wow, thanks for the link! Your site is the best!!

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