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Happy New Year! Here's to this one being better than the last one!
Blog page achieved! :D I might change the font on the entries, as I'm not sure about how readable it is (totally open to opinions on that), but otherwise the page is finally laid out and the first entry is up! X3
ocean-waves 1 year ago

I think it's quite readable! Looking forward to seeing it grow~

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keysklubhouse 1 year ago

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the feedback. X3 Also I thought I was already following you and I wasn't, but I have fixed that! Linking you on my site, too. :D

Well I *was* trying to work on my blog page. But then the page stopped updating no matter what I did to the html, so I can't view my changes, making it a little hard to finish what I was doing. :I
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ocean-waves 1 year ago

Yikes! Have you tried doing a cache refresh? On Chromium and Firefox, it's ctrl + shift + R, I think! Usually helps when my pages stop refreshing.

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keysklubhouse 1 year ago

You know, I did, several minutes ago, and it only just now finally updated properly. I'm not sure what the issue is/was exactly but at least it's working now, lol!

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