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Hi everyone, just a heads up, around April 10 I'm going to be transferring my domain to another registrar so there may be some issues accessing the site for a day or two depending on how it goes. Hope everyone is having a good day.
owlroost 2 months ago

Which registrar? I like knowing what's out there.

pixelglade 2 months ago

So at the moment I'm probably going to transfer to Porkbun from NameCheap, mainly because PorkBun has a less overwhelming/confusing UI (I've been using porkbun for my other site scope filter, pricing is similar). Also I emailed my current web host (Swish Connect, Australian specific) to see what their pricing is just in case I want to keep everything in one place (they run on 100% renewable energy).

pixelglade 2 months ago

Pork Bun has simpler online guides as well and more modern branding so, it's mainly a move for functionality and reduced cognitive load.

pixelglade 2 months ago

I found Swish Connect through in case you wanted to take a look for web hosts (some of them might do domain registration as well) if that's something you're interested in.

pixelglade 2 months ago

The transfer is confirmed for the 15th so it's happening!

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