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thanks to all the recent followers! i'm traveling and/or a hot pile of garbage for the next couple days, so expect a personal thank you or whatever in a few days time when i can check out ur sites from an actual computer
dope site my fellow human
hey, very cool site, thanks for the follow from a fellow veg scorpio
fri11s 6 months ago

hey! thank you very much :) i love your writtte concept (clever!) and enjoy your general musings

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letslearntogether 6 months ago

My internal dialogue often runs along the same lines. "I know I need money for food, but this book is on sale and I need it for research." Later, my stomach grumbles at my brain, "Jokes on you! You cannot even focus when you are starving!"

nohappynonsense 6 months ago

i have spent ugly amounts of money on books, it's horrible/great

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readingproject 6 months ago

Just bought two more today. When does it stop!

pikemalarkey 6 months ago

It's a relief when good things are your undoing

thanks for the follow, looking forward to your site
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keepin a small personal website updated and fresh and sexy sure seems hard for some reason
saint-images 6 months ago

keepin a small personal website updated and fresh *is* sexy

test received.
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readingproject 7 months ago

Thanks. Doing it was the only way to see if it worked

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what up fellow RUNB grad
nedwards 7 months ago

figures youd go there as well since your from Jersey. I read through your latest zine, very nice!

yudosai 7 months ago

pogg more rutgers peeps. I graduate from RUN this december

nohappynonsense 7 months ago

yudosai, WhAt ArE YoU GoNnA Do AfTeR YoU GraDuaTE???!

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yudosai 7 months ago

@nohappynonsense :pain:

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thanks for the follow, welcome to neocities. excited to see what you come up with on your site
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