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mmmmm ice cream cursor
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Love the wild bread collection, genuinely
indygiertz 2 weeks ago

also I've watched 71 movies so far this year I think (cinema not included in this blog) and idk I'm really chuffed about that. I saw perhaps only 20 last year, And while I am still not immune to the contemporary internet sludge content, I think I am proud of what I have achieved in the purposeful consumption of media

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indygiertz 3 weeks ago

uhh, yeah so in class today they asked us to split into groups and make some sort of flyer for a health condition and im like, yeah screw it lets make a silly website. idk how to stop it showing up in the neocities edits feed so ur all welcome.

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indygiertz 3 weeks ago

we did not have the best design sadly, maybe my class is much more zoomer than me and not into my niche internet humor. Also please do not use this in leiu of real medical advice

skep 3 weeks ago

This gets funnier the more I look at it. What is wrong with me. I didn't even notice that stupid stuffed bear at first, and now I'm laughing so hard I have MULTIPLE cats coming into the room to make sure I'm okay.

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