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lovely changes
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joebuck 1 month ago

thank you greatly <3

WOW! new enter page, new homepage, new about page, AND a new journal page. being in quarantine rocks. I never want to catch covid again but I really love finally having time to just sit and "code" like I used to
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i started to update my site then i got covid really bad :(
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Cowboy heaven was updated.
1 month ago
marea 1 month ago

it's great to see you around again! love your art and how you use the webpage as a medium in itself

joebuck 1 month ago

@marea thank you so much!!

redid my enter and home page now that I'm 22 with a lot more of my own art other the doodles I used to do on ms paint during quaratine lockdown. Looking back at my work, it's kinda nice but I miss the online doodle-collage element. but I do prefer to show off my still and moving images cus my life is dedicated to those rather than my silly doodles. maybe I'll make some new ones for my about page.
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i wish i had time to come back to this place sooo bad.

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