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justin-myhead 2 weeks ago

sorry y'all i was gonna do something but got distracted. lols

upgraded my computer. now I can procrastinate updates on this site TEN TIMES AS FAST
solemnly staring at my site........what happened to me
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39 followers.........somebody unfollowed
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justin-myhead 2 months ago

who the hell cleans out ur following list on neocities. acting like I'M the guy clogging up ur activity....ok dude

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miela583 2 months ago

I think if someone quits Neocities, they disappear off the follower list, too.

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justin-myhead 2 months ago

ohhhh. yeah that could be it

justin-myhead 2 months ago

38 now.... what me........

40 followers. WIN
If I follow you, and your button isn't on my site, let me know so I can add it later!! Anyways. Might add a webring or two to the site today
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So I heard a rumor that you have a guestbook but I've been through your site twice now and don't see a link. Is it right in front of me? Or very well hidden?
justin-myhead 4 months ago

Hmm. Perhaps I should make it's location more obvious. But it's in the "Whatever" section. You can access that portion of the site through the side bar.

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