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not 100% sure what your site is "about" and that's why i like it
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is the stuff in "gallery" your work or just found around?
girlbythesea 3 years ago

i found the photos lol, they aren't mine :)

really, really like spoiled a whole lot. can't accurately describe why, but i like the discomfort i get from it which is based on allegory of real life catastrophes playing out 24/7. would really like to connect with you about the project/upcoming projects more.
spoiled 3 years ago

thank you SO much! i'm currently avoiding social media so i can finish this summer's projects but i'm hoping to be finished before august ends. :) i can email you if you would like, though! also, i LOVE your writing. very nihilistic and modern. gives me a good sense of dread.

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nohappynonsense 3 years ago

*sniffing to avoid tears* finally someone gets me

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nohappynonsense 3 years ago

hit me up at nohappynonsense@gmail

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my mom watches golf religiously and your page about golf is EXACTLY something she would say to me trying to convince me to watch with her haha are you my mom ????
nohappynonsense 3 years ago

hahaha yes hahaha it's me!!!!! what would you like for lunch hahahaaaa

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"It is safe to say that this year was tough, even if it is not done yet ..." big mood right here
i have no real idea what i'm reading when i read your posts, but damned if they aren't impressive
productiverage 3 years ago

Thanks, man, that means a lot! It's mostly for my own enjoyment but it's always nice when I hear that there are other people out there who see them too!

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<_< >_>

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