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is the zojirushi stainless steel mug model sm-sd48xa still your recommended brand
nohappynonsense 2 years ago

yes, 100%. I brewed some coffee before the pandemic started and put it in the zojirushi stainless steel mug model sm-sd48xa and it's still too hot to drink

not 100% sure what your site is "about" and that's why i like it
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is the stuff in "gallery" your work or just found around?
girlbythesea 2 years ago

i found the photos lol, they aren't mine :)

really, really like spoiled a whole lot. can't accurately describe why, but i like the discomfort i get from it which is based on allegory of real life catastrophes playing out 24/7. would really like to connect with you about the project/upcoming projects more.
spoiled 2 years ago

thank you SO much! i'm currently avoiding social media so i can finish this summer's projects but i'm hoping to be finished before august ends. :) i can email you if you would like, though! also, i LOVE your writing. very nihilistic and modern. gives me a good sense of dread.

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nohappynonsense 2 years ago

*sniffing to avoid tears* finally someone gets me

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nohappynonsense 2 years ago

hit me up at nohappynonsense@gmail

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