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i unlinked my domain (through neocities and namecheap) ages ago but for some reason my site just keeps trying to redirect to it?? i tried contacting neocities but nothing yet & my site is just plain inaccessible from multiple browsers/devices lol
rivendell 9 months ago

oh noooo :(

eatbread-besoft 9 months ago

this is a major bummer, i'm sorry :( I have one possible hack, though it's not ideal: could you change your site name? then you'd have a new .neocities domain and you probably wouldn't get the redirect error. and if the redirect thing resolves itself, you should be able to change back to cephus later

battyville 9 months ago

I don't know how namecheap works but did you check all your custom dns/name server settings? It might still be connected somewhere on your account.

damn my site is just inaccessible atm it keeps trying to redirect to my old domain even though i cancelled it & supporter? why is nothing simple
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bytemoth 9 months ago

If the custom domain is still set in your Site Settings, Neocities will try to point to it. You should be able to clear the text box and press Update Domain to fix it.

cepheus 9 months ago

i tried this but no luck unfortunately!

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