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cepheus; was updated.
1 year ago
kinda want a domain and supporter sub so i can create a subdomain for my blog (externally hosted atm because static pages don't work for my blog use) but like,,, money and also having .neocities is retro af
sc0ttflix 1 year ago

you can get a domain for $1 from and it lets you make subdomains and redirect. i do that and still use neocities.

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cepheus 1 year ago

@sc0ttflix tru but the neocities hosting (so i could use the domain for the rest of my site) is quite expensive per year

38cautionzone 1 year ago

Well domain isn't cheap to begin with. The cheapest domain you can get is at Namecheap where .com domain is $8.88/yr.

i'm such a big fan of your site! your covid-19 page is really great. i'm so surprised sarah millican of all people has appeal in canada!
thedigitaldiarist 1 year ago

thanks so much! ha I'm certain there are a few jokes that go over my head, but she's a fantastic storyteller!

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cepheus; was updated.
1 year ago

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