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Is anyone having a problem viewing my website on mobile for Firefox like browsers? I usually use Ecosia but lately the "order" of the navigation and aside elements are showing up incorrectly, yet on Chrome they're fine. Developer tools don't show this either. Not seeing this on DuckDuckGo's browser either.
10kph 3 months ago

it looks ok to me - on android firefox

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pixelglade 3 months ago

I contacted Ecosia support, so I'll see if they get back to me.

nohappynonsense 3 months ago

looks fine on firefox android, but when i just checked out the site on firefox on my laptop everything is skewed over? unless that's the look you're going for:

pixelglade 3 months ago

nohappynonsense, this is exactly the problem I'm seeing on Ecosia with everything stacked on the side. It's not supposed to look like that 😅 Thanks for checking!

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pixelglade 3 months ago

I updated the CSS at some point to use variables so I guess I'll dig through my code again if I can find the problem.

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