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If I load the PixScape How to Join page onto my server the form works. If I use the page offline it works. It's only once I load it to Neocities that I get a 405 error. No other issues with the form. Does anyone know what the problem could be?
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pixelglade 4 months ago

I locked the form down again but applications are still being accepted by email!

pixelglade 4 months ago

This is a form using the discord webhook method.

pixelglade 4 months ago

Or does anyone know a good way for troubleshooting this kind of thing?

owlroost 4 months ago

Anything in the dev console if you toggle on all requests and errors?

irony-machine 4 months ago

does the form have method="post"? otherwise if you google something like "form 405 error" you should find something helpful. sorry i can't help further, i don't know much about backend stuff

pixelglade 4 months ago

method is set to post. The error is: Content-Security-Policy: The page’s settings blocked the loading of a resource at (discord hook link) (“connect-src”).

pixelglade 4 months ago

I'll keep trying to fix it later.

pixelglade 4 months ago

It turns out new accounts are blocked from making external requests (supporters aren't), which I confirmed when I was able to use the form on pixelglade but not on pixscape.

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