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Major quality of life update. Secondary navigation added to Vegan Recipes, The Vault, Freebies, Fun Stuff. Now you can all navigate sideways instead of just up and down. Also fixed some CSS so please hard refresh. Joined some more web rings including re:source webring, Focus First, Transing the Internet, and the Trans Masc pride webring. 😊
sakana 5 months ago

That's a good curated list of recipes, I want to try some of these bean-based ones. I make a lentil soup similar to the one described here, but a much simpler version.

pixelglade 5 months ago

Thanks! I regularly access my site to make grocery lists because a lot of the recipes I make on the regular. I wouldn't mind taking a look at your lentil soup recipe 😁For the bean recipes I'm making the 'Mediterranean Bean Salad" and "Black Bean Salad" a lot lately (it's summer in Australia atm).

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