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I'm very happy to announce I managed to get freezeframe working on my site, which means sections that have a big amount of potentially flashing gifs in one place (the 88x31 + blinkies in my index, the wip stamp page and the other sites link section) can now be paused and played at will through a nice little button! The gifs are paused by default.
Hi Bechno!! If you don't mind, how did you get freezeframe working on your links page? I want to have a similar stop/play gifs thing on my site (on my index, links and future stamp wall) but for the life of me I can't seem to get it to work properly! Did you run into problems like the JS making the gifs huge?
gildedware 2 months ago

Turns out all I had to do was add "responsive: false" to the javascript, coding is hell MHFSLKG

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bechnokid 2 months ago

Glad you figured it out!! I was thinking about making a tutorial on it since it took me hours to figure it out on my own lmao. I'd also like to know what you did so I can put it in the tutorial if you're ok with that!

Lazy loading basically makes it so pictures only load once the browser scrolls to them (instead of everything loading all at once along with the page)! if you have a ton of images (like I do in my galleries), it lessens the browser load a lot!
ninacti0n 2 months ago

Oh wow, that's truly neat! :0 I'll definitely think about adding lazy loading to my gallery, it's gonna help a lot with the loading times (besides preloading n' stuff)! Thank you so much for the explanation, Guilda! ^^

gildedware 2 months ago

I'm super glad to help!! This is the code I used as a base for mine: (also, having art images be .webp is also a godsend! with both of these things I'm praying nobody ever has issues with my galleries again KJHSFMKLA)

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swiftyshq 2 months ago

oh, i'd heard about it but didn't really look into it. i should do that, thank you!

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Added lazy loading (or at least tried to) to all my artwork pages!
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ninacti0n 2 months ago

Oh, I've heard of lazy loading once, but I didn't exactly grasp how it works :T What is it used for?

Worked all day on the HTML for my professional portfolio (also hosted on Neocities, with a custom URL)!! Now I just need the stuff to put in it, haha
pixelglade 2 months ago

I will be doing the same in future - do share your portfolio when you're finished with it. :)

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