1 Year anniversary! - Netscape Navigator Revival

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Update: It seems a glitch occurred in the new Proxy for Netscape Navigator 2.0 that caused webpages that (as far as I am aware) loaded any type of javascript to not load. This is currently being fixed.
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netscapenavigatorrevival 2 months ago

Another Update: It appears to be a problem with the servers and how they handle this data. Gonna try fixing it as soon as possible.

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Happy 1 year anniversary !!!!
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Happy 1 Year anniversary! To celebrate, the brand new Netscape Navigator 2.0 Revival has been released! Check it out at
arandomsite 2 months ago

Whenever I go to my site it doesn't work

netscapenavigatorrevival 2 months ago

Unfortunately that most likely means your website is too advanced for the proxy to simplify.

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Quick Update on the new Netscape Navigator Emulator: it is almost done and ready for release, A couple things have broken though so I will have to rebuild those. But nontheless it should come out soon :-)
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For anyone wondering about the new Netscape Navigator Emulator, it will be an emulator of Netscape Navigator 2.0 and it is almost finished. It should come out within the next few days.
Sorry for the lack of updates on the new emulator, I got a race coming up and also ive been working on fixing (which is now fixed.)
Hey bill is it alright if I use the images on your website for my new netscape navigator emulator?
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School Ended yesterday, its time to rewrite the Netscape Navigator Emulator.

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