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Btw updates will probably be intermittent for a good while because I’m writing an epic poem for my dnd setting, and I’d like to bang out the first section before moving back to updating the website.
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I have finally returned after exams thoroughly kicked my butt. Now that they're over with though I can hopefully get back into a semi-regular routine of updating the site again.
Been hitting a bit of roadblock when it comes to writing, especially with college ramping up ahead of finals. I’ll try and publish something new before the end of April but no promises
I've finally cajoled my sister into making some campaign artwork (free ice cream goes a long way) so hopefully I'll have some new stuff to post as I attempt to cook up some more cultural things
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Been getting my ass kicked at xiangqi, but it is nice to have a new board game I can learn and work my way up.
Does anyone have any good recommendations for Unity tutorials, specifically VFX graph? I tried it out today and good lord it is too complicated for me
epharaim 5 months ago

Finally worked up the energy to type up an update (albeit a minor one)

Why are city maps so damned hard to make smh

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