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Work is being kinda merciless this week, so I probably won't get to play with html too much until next week. ; ; I did get photos of my plants for my upcoming plants page I mentioned previously. Just gotta get some stuff to decorate the page with and then I'll get to putting together the coding.
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Oh no... before I realized it... I've begun collecting all sorts of buttons, stamps and blinkies! How did that happen?! Guess another page I'll be working on next week is a collection sort of page with all my findings.
Been having fun messing around with making the site and finding out what coding works or doesn't work. Considering making a little page for the plants I'm taking care of! It's been a relatively new hobby that spawned when the pandemic started, and it's brought me a lot of joy.
mental-labour 1 year ago

i wanna see them plants

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nuange 1 year ago

Oh I absolutely want to see them!!!

neat lil place you got here!
ellyberry 1 year ago

Ah, thank you! I wanted to challenge myself with making a little something for my stream while trying to remember how I used to code stuff in myspace, haha. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting!


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