Aaron figures how to code wowie

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i think !! instead of just continuing with this site i just wanna start over :o
aaronbunny 8 months ago

i might come back to this later i just wanna . make a completely new site

unsafe 7 months ago

I may be starting over completely too!! i'm trying to find a real layout for my whole site now.

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i have not been on here for weeks now KJDFSKJD update though !!!! i got a really good monitor n i'll probably be coming back here for more site updates !!!!! :3
unsafe 9 months ago

websites lookin kewl >:3

wait since when did neocities add lil checkmarks what the heck woah
graybox 10 months ago

its poking fun at twitter since they made it so you have to pay for a checkmark

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i have a bellyache >_<
im going to start adding website blinkies !! :3 lemme know if you want yours added

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