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hiya! thanks for the template, it's really smooth, and it's been helping me learn html and such along the way. my comic is astro bistro and the banner is at all the best!
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Thank you for providing this template, it was super easy to give my webcomic a new home on my own site. My comic is (and the banner image
is there a way to have different page file types? like one gif and one png
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Hi, I've loved getting this all set up! Thanks for making such a great template. My comic is at and the image is here: Cheers!
Yello, I'm wondering if there are any plans for your tool to have RSS. Just so it would be easier to keep up with comics using Rarebit.
Hi, we've been using Rarebit for BtE so hitting you up! We're at and the image is Thanks!
HELLO i used this for my webcomic a lil bit ago and forgot to put something here til now! Here's a link to the comic: and a link to the image:
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