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Finally finished the write-ups for my Rabbit Holes page! Please check the preface out first before the list, for your sake and mine. Tomorrow, I will include the page on my homepage, as well as add a new "guestbook" of sorts, since 123guestbook has been taken down.
cadnomori 2 weeks ago

Furthermore, if you've emailed me on Protonmail, I apologize for not responding. I have had trouble accessing my emails, but will get back into the swing of things when I can.

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Salutations everyone! I've created a new sort of 2nd-person perspective tour of my Second Life home. A tour of Conejo Island (the surrounding location my home is within) is in the works, with the hard part of filming and rendering GIFs already done. Expect that soon, for real this time! Afterwards I will be working on a sprawling page of screenshots and captions of my strange findings in SL.
cadnomori 1 month ago

Of course, if you have not tried SL yet, I recommend checking out casaconejo ( and plaything the experience yourself. It can be amazing fun, especially with friends! >w<

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cinni 1 month ago

i loved it!! your home looks so lovely and cozy! can't wait to see more <3

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bmh 1 month ago


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