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Looking at your site, it nostalgia. I've linked your 8831, I wanna have my 8831 on yours
Hi! Thanks for the follow. I'll be adding your button to my site. Such a fun site you have!
16504532 2 weeks ago

appreciate that thank you!

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popping in w/a quick message to say i added you to my mutuals & friends part of my button collection :3
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16504532 2 weeks ago

added to toybox throughout, highlights include 19 100x100 icons, over 30 miscellany, BBoguri section added. in the art page update, my first zine in digital format

cherrycloudchiffon 2 weeks ago

Nice collection! I'll have to bookmark your page <3

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hi there, i couldn't access your guestbook cuz of a smartgb bug but i loved lurking your site. ^.^ amazing work with pixels, especially the body positive icons they are so kool. i will be visiting again soon =)
pixelmoondust 2 weeks ago

oh no, a bug? :o waaaah i hope its not affecting too many peoples guestbooks T~T but thank you so much!!! thats so kind of you to say :3 i love your doll makers!!! the orca one is so so cute :3

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thanks a lot for your sweet comment, it meant a lot to me and i'm happy to hear you linked my cross stitch page =) have a great day!
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I love your site so much, especially your sewing page!! I linked to it on my cross stitch page, if that's okay! I couldn't find your guestbook but I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed clicking through!!
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16504532 2 months ago

these two projects have probably been my biggest on neocities, i'm over the moon to show that i made two old-school drag and drop dollmakers with original art. :') a dream from my childhood realized at last!

freakphone 2 months ago

super cute!

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thanks a lot for stopping by and signing my guestbook =)
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