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sadgrl 2 hours ago

Love the miss Piggy :D I used to try learning para para dances back in the day!! Are there any good new ones?

i love your little page sm! we have so many interests in common ^___^ i do para para/odottemita for health/exercise as well! gotta love that old school jpop. also i wish current neopets was even a fraction useful, tried to get back into it and still want to but so much is broken QQ do you watch any theme park youtube? :o3
16504532 1 day ago

oh my gawd ~!! you're my long lost twin maybe lol! i'm not sure how recently you went on but i think neo took even more downturns lately @_@ r.i.p. to a legend.... i'm obsessed with universal studios so i watch this guy who makes updates on what's happening every day at USO lolol but i don't know as many theme park youtubers as i would like! ^0^"" do you have any recommendations?

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