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I have a request of everyone! If you run a fansite or have a fanpage/e-shrine dedicated to a particular anime, manga, or anime character, comment below! Having a button is preferred but not necessary ^^ I need it for my next project!
cadnomori 1 week ago

Yu Yu Hakusho pages are HIGHLY encouraged ;w;

cinni 1 week ago

i made a fanlisting for portgas d. ace from one piece, but it’s a little bare rn :-p

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apples-of-interest 1 week ago

i have one for pepsiman does that count?

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koinuko 1 week ago

The biggest one I have so far is probably for Yugioh GX, although I haven't updated it in a bit!

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linkyblog 1 week ago

I have a few shrines! I have the ones in my Harlock/Maya zone(one for them both and for the ship) as well as my Maetel one. (I have more in the works but they are WIPS I'm working on in my codepen account) |

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gundham 1 week ago

I have one, but it is incomplete.

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holeinmyheart 1 week ago

I have a shrine for a VN char, but it may be too raunchy

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