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Just wanted to say I love your website's aesthetic! God I want a Tapir, but they seem like such a handful (ΰ²₯ _ ΰ²₯) Welp, time to join the tsundere club!
In lieu of an e-mail to respond to, I'll respond here, although I don't really like responding so publicly. I've updated my site with a description of how to access gopher and gemini protocols. The easiest way would be to download the Lagrange browser, and use that to access the sites.
This is the first time ive heard of a gemmi and groyper deepweb catagory how do you find these protocol pretexts (i tried to do the comment reply on ur updated post but it wouldnt let me)
update your site NOW!!
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connor7000 3 months ago

just do it bro

is there a neocities changelog somewhere (like for the website itself) that isnt twitter or facebook lol
theacidictoxic 5 months ago

has it even updated

the way u organize ur art is so lit
interesting interesting
oh but im ESPECAILLY gonna try to work on my toyhouse right now oooo
theacidictoxic 1 year ago

ahhh it does suck that they dont support mp4s to post on your ocs profile damn

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