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Hi everyone, I finally finished my Pokemon page. It's under my shrines category! Please take a look if you'd like. I've suffered from some sort of repetitive strain injury, and it's made typing on a keyboard and even using a mouse really, really hard. My updates and replies will be slower, but please rest assured knowing I have every intention to reply to every message and email I've received. Sorry for the wait!
shadowthehedgehog 2 weeks ago

Love the page! I also had a huge crush on Silver when I was a kid haha, he's definitely still one of my favourite fictional characters. Also, I hope your injury gets better soon!

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2 weeks ago
cadnomori 2 weeks ago

Working on a Pokemon page ^__^

lurk-n-leech 2 weeks ago

thats pretty funny, ive been replaying d/p lately!

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cadnomori 2 weeks ago

@lurk-n-leech They're really great games! I never could beat Cynthia as a kid, probably because I only fought with Empoleon... hehe ^^;

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