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2 days ago
cadnomori 2 days ago

It has been done... I have transcribed my Beowulf essay!!

bmh 2 days ago

Hi Fox, a great essay and comparison between Gilgamesh and Beowulf! I read Beowulf back in high school and Ferdowsi's Book of Kings a few years back. I spotted a couple of corrections for you! 'Beowu;f ' and 'the only man who could [keep?] Gilgamesh in check' ;-) Thank you for sharing your work.

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cadnomori 2 days ago

@bmh Hey Brian, thank you so much for your kind words! I know a lot of people have read Beowulf in high school, I hope my work can make people see it with a better light than just mandatory schoolwork haha. Thank you also for the corrections, my spellcheck didn't catch those ^__^;

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My mind is all over the place in terms of what I want to do with my site ^__^; I think I'm going to revamp my studio page to something a bit more focused on displaying my work. Next week I have off so expect lots of updates then! In the meantime, here is the mockup of Fox as a Vtuber. Cult Party Kei! Let me know how you feel about it or if you have any critiques.
cherriefaerie 4 days ago

that looks AMAZING thus far !!! your style is so bouncy & gorgeous, i'm so excited to see where this project of yours goes! <3 <3

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yobun 3 days ago

super cute! i love the design so much! ;w;

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