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valycenegative 2 days ago

Waiting for the cache to update so the site doesn't look as messy. It works in local, I swear xD

Your style is perfectly anime! I can definitely see the high end eastern animation influences in the shapes and linework. Wonderful job!
Your sona is so cute! If I'm not mistaken, it's a marbled polecat, right?
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martyshouse 4 days ago

Thanks, and it is! I have yet to actually make a page about my fursonas, OCs. I'm still new to making websites.

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You got a nice colorscheme and interesting pages to browse! X3
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pklucky 5 days ago

Thank you!!

I love sites with styleswitchers! I'm always curious to check all palettes (but my personal fav is Retro, I guess I'm very biased towards Game Boy color schemess xP).
swiftyshq 5 days ago

thanks! my biggest influence for adding it was dragonflycave :-)

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