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Hi everyone! I'm not dead! Just need to get back on the saddle and regroup. I'm currently working on my personal site (profile is here:! The url is Still really under construction, but I hope to get some inspiration back for RSH while working on this.
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Wanted to apologize again for not really updating RSH...admittedly my sister's wedding has been a source of gender dysphoria for me, so it's made my executive function a lot worse than usual. Once this weekend passes I'm hoping I'll feel a lot less shitty lmao. :')
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Sorry for the lack of updates--had a very busy Easter holiday weekend! Will try to work a bit more on this site between now and before my sister's wedding. I also have to fix the Deimon and character pages since the screen-responsive layout keeps pushing the buttons to the bottom, which they don't appear to do on the other pages. Probably a max/min width thing x_x
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Have no idea if I'll get around to making an anime/manga fansite webring, but I think it'll be a nice idea. I keep finding dead fansites on here and on AniLinks and I want to see some life in these little passion projects of ours....
readysethut 1 month ago

I have very little proficiency in JS, so I kinda hope doing all of this and adding cute little effects to RSH's pages will force me to understand it properly lmao. <_>

2 likes is a good tool to make webrings! my webring (transing the internet) is used with onionring! :D
troy-sucks 1 month ago

i also think sadgrl has some tutorials on webrings?

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readysethut 1 month ago

Oh nice, thank you for the resource! I had the idea of probably making a webring but felt too intimidated, esp. since I'm still very much a coding amateur. ^_^; I know SadGrl has helped me a ton in terms of providing web-dev resources, so I'll definitely look into this.

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I never got a chance to join, but damn...kinda bummed by the whole Yesterweb thing. Given it was hundreds of members long, it doesn't shock me, but still. I'd love to start a webring of some kind for anime/manga fansites (outside of AniLinks, which is more of a web directory than anything, plus a bunch of the links there are dead), but I don't have enough coding know-how for that. <_>

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