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so sorry that I only recently saw your post asking about the mayura translation,idk how to post a reply or respond from my personal page but it's coming along slowly but surely! but being pedantic about it, bug testing and issues with my laptop are slowing me down ^w^; I've restarted it from scratch several times since you asked but thanks so much for taking interest and for archiving her original site as well
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mayura 1 month ago

I'm struggling to track down a few of the littlewitchorder fc2 entries unfortunately

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ophanim 1 month ago

so nice to hear back even after all this time! good luck soldier!

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mayura 2 weeks ago

thank you!! (≧ω≦)ゞ

i'm going to put all my ssg blog posts onto the fc2 blog because i am quite lazy, I think i will revisit the ssg method in the future but for now it is a bit too much work to completely rework my wesbite to be compatible with automatic github integration

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