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Hi! I and some other dev friends are hosting a Visual Novel jam. It starts in 17 hours goes from May 19th to June 30th! I haven't had time to put it on my projects page though I will today..
ophanimkei 3 weeks ago

Did light edits on friends page. On 2017, I added 3 inktober pieces of Kie and Rie.. There's one more inktober piece from that year, but I don't have a scan of it on hand right now ;w;

ophanimkei 3 weeks ago

Realized I accidentally deleted one of the reviews of my favorite yuri pieces I've read haha. Thank you wayback machine..

Hi, I don't see the RPG Maker widget on your site so I can't add you yet. Let me know when it's there
Hi!! Sorry for taking so long to respond to your RPG Maker webring app ;w; I don't see the widget on your site. Let me know when you add it and I'll add you expeditiously!
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ranjam 3 weeks ago

okay sorry i removed it becuase i didn't want to put it there anymore im moving it to another webpage :)

ophanimkei 1 month ago

New friends on the murder scene ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و ♡

Your tastes are really good and I love your website's design. I didn't realize Life on the Murder scene was also a documentary. Gotta watch +_+
murderscene 1 month ago

thank u so much I love ur site!! it’s a rly interesting watch i def recommend it

hiii i just updated my url so i wanted to let you know (since it looks like it broke the webring oopsie!)
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ophanimkei 1 month ago

Hi! Should be fixed now :3 Welcome to the .com club

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